Soldering Robot- COMET

The soldering robot is available in 4 work envelop sizes (200 mm ~ 500 mm work area)

The PC software is very simple and user friendly and allows for program customization.

The Comet controller can store 500 solder profile provides for flexible programming to meet the needs of a wide variety of soldering applications.

The robot’s 255 X-Y programs (30,000 points total), provides endless flexibility.

500 soldering conditions

500 profile capacity provides flexible programming to meet needs of wide variety of soldering applications

Solder feed / reverse amount is adjustable in 0.1 mm increments

Solder pre-heat / heat time is adjustable in 0.1 second increments

High Speed Soldering

Designed to minimize cycle time by using customized programs

Specialized programs achieves much shorter tact/cycle time

Excellent Temperature Control and Auto Tuning

Temperature controller raises iron temperature to 350° in approximately 10 seconds

Automatic temperature calibration function improves iron tip performance and stability

High precision thermocouple is built into the Apex of the iron tip so minimal temperature drop can be detected and recovered quickly

LUNA Solder Controller

This unit was made for automatic soldering.

The touch panel is utilized for display and parameter control.

The large screen provides easy reading.

The Luna system can be easily integrated into dial-table, conveyor, robotic or semi-automated environments.

The 7 solder profiles can be selected via digital I/O and an extensive iron tip

library provide for a solution for virtually all selective solder applications

TERRA Solder Controller

The Terra has been designed exclusively for automatic soldering. 297 solder profiles can be customized to provide a solution for all types of soldering application challenges.

The TERRA is equipped with a large color panel display which provides for easy reading and programming.

Our 200 watt heater addresses the requirement to solder large thermal mass components and can feed a range of solder diameters between 0.04 mm to 1.6 mm.

Touch Interface

Soldering and soldering parameters can be entered from any keypad. Because this touch screen like the following error also can check the status of the device intuitively.

Extensive soldering

Program to soldering (soldering) is 99 point type, slide 99 species, 297 species it is possible to store a total of 99 species of special solder.

Easy to connect a host device

it easy to cooperate with IO signals robot and turntables. You can also easily synchronize multiple units also during operation.

Iron units

Iron unit for point and slide soldering it takes 8 seconds to replace the iron cartridge,and it does not need position adjustment

after iron cartridge replacement. The solder feeding can be precisely set by adjusting the set screw.


The unit can achive high speed point soldering.the slim design, makes it possible to solder application with tight accessibility issues. This unit has both a per-feed and secondery feed height adjustment.


This iron unit is designed for slide soldering the spring loaded tip assembly will not damage PCB solder mask during the slide operation.

Automatic solder feeder

LFD - It can control feeding amount precisely by its pulse motor and the ZSB roller blade can beattached as an option.

SSA - The solder can be fed Forword or Reverse and controlled by an external I/O controller.


The stainless steel sleeve is equipped with two heaters to pre-heat the solder wire as it being fed.

this helps to prevent solder ball spattering by pre-heating the solder wire and internal flux.

Iron - Cartridge

Many type of iron cartridge are available with varying heater types and overall length