Resistance Welding

Avio and Sunstone welders electrode

Resistance welder sandwiches an object to be welded by the welding electrodes,andapplies electric current while applying a pressure..

Welding Power Supply : It controls the magnitude, time and waveform of electric current

Welding Transformer: It converts the electric current from the power supply to a larger current

Welding Head: It controls the pressure to be applied

Welding Electrode: It contacts the object to be welded to apply pressure and electric current

Resistance Welding Model, Temperature Distribution at the Welding

Welding Power Supply: Control Method

An appropriate welding power supply must be selected based on the material or shape of the object to be welded and the required welding quality .There are five different types in our welding power supplies based on the type of control of the welding current, and each type is selected in a way to best demonstrate its characteristic in welding.

Welding Power supply

Welding Power Supply: Welding Current Capacity

After the consideration for control method, select a suitable welding power supplydepending on the having the appropriate current carrying capacity size and thickness of the object to be welded.

Welding Power Supply

Weld Head and Weld Electrode

How the electrode contacts the object to be welded (how to apply the current) is determined by the shape or structure of the object.Furthermore,shape and material of the electrode and the applied pressure are also important factors in resistance welding.

Welding Head
Welding Electrode

Horizontal Weld Head