FLEXTECH AUTOMATION is an equipment manufacture for Micro Resistance Welding, Pulse Heat Soldering machine, Electro Press Machine and Soldering Robot. We are directly importing the controller from Japan & USA to build the machine and also we are manufacturing all kind of resistance welding electrodes & Thermodes (Hot Bar) at India in order bring down the lead time as cost effective.

Pulse heat unit is an equipment used for soldering of electronic components or welding 1of plastic components. It consists of a reflow head, which hold down the components and applies the force, and a pulse heat power supply ,Which flows the electric current.

Pulse heat is an instantaneous heating method whereby heating is effected only when melting the solder or plastics melted by the resistance heat generated by flowing electric current to a heater tip/tool made of metal Once the material is melted, electric current is stopped and cooled. Because he object is held down with pressure unit it is solidified, there is no lifting or shifting of parts, And as a result, highly reliable joining can be achieved.

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