Flextech Automation

FLEXTECH AUTOMATION is an equipment manufacture for Micro Resistance Welding, Pulse Heat Soldering machine, Electro Press Machine and Soldering Robot. We are directly importing the controller from Japan & USA to build the machine and also we are manufacturing all kind of resistance welding electrodes &Thermodes (Hot Bar) at India in order bring down the lead time as cost effective..

Our Products

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Pulse Heat Machine

Thermo-compression bonding with extremely low level of variation can be achieved by systemizing both the temperature control of pulse heat and the motor drive of the system head with resolution of 1μm pulse..

Resistance Welding

Avio and Sunstone welders electrode sizes range from micro electrodes with tips smaller than .005” up to about ¼” in diameter. We encourage customers to send in samples for a free test weld..

Electro Press

The JPU Series servo driven pressing machines allow for programmable force, speed, distance and dwell time. Utilizing the onboard 32bit processor,built-in load cell and encoder.

Soldering Robot

Flextech provides products for soldering automation, which features many ingenious offerings including inline soldering robot, desktop soldering robot and soldering modules..

Resistance Welding Electrode

At AIT, we use high precision machines to build our quality electrodes with great consistency, at a price far below that of other equipment manufacturers. .

Scara\Desktop dispensing

The behavior of Scara\Desktop dispensing scalras has attracted great interest in the past decades becauseof its importance in combustion, pollution ,and turbulent mixing..